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About KAR

The Kentucky Association of Riverports (KAR) was incorporated in May of 1985 in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statues KRS 273.161-273.400 as a nonstock, nonprofit corporation. The general objectives of the Kentucky Association of Riverports are:

  • Serve as the voice of Kentucky waterborne transportation industry
  • Promote and assist the development of multi-modal transportation systems
  • Serve freight needs across the state and interstate region.

KAR is currently composed of eight public operating ports and four developing public ports authority members, representatives from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and at least 100 associate members.

The state and nation is moving towards a transportation infrastructure crisis. As the cost of adding and maintaining land based freight transportation networks increases, KAR is working diligently to promote the low cost alternative of rivers. Our rivers offer an open highway that can bring many benefits. KAR seeks to advise and promote the use of this natural resource.